Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing choices that work

There are plenty of reasons to consider hardwood floor refinishing if you have hardwood flooring, even if only in a single room. These floors offer outstanding durability and an excessive lifespan, but it's time to act once wear starts to show. When other homeowners are replacing their floors entirely, you’ll only need to refinish yours, and here’s what to know about that.

Do your floors need refinishing?

Before starting any hardwood floor refinishing process, you must assess whether your floors need a complete refinish or another service. For example, some floors are damaged and discolored, so it's easy to see that wood floor refinishing is necessary. However, other floors don’t offer the same signs, and we may need to check them to determine your specific service needs.



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Finding out and moving forward

Once you find out your floors need refinishing, we'll give you all the details, so you know what to expect from start to finish. It's easier to move through the process if there are no surprises, providing trust and confidence in our team. The first step is to clear the room and discuss your preferences for stain color and surface texture.

The work starts with sanding floors to remove any damage or wear, leaving a new layer of wood to start over. Some homeowners prefer the same colors and surfaces, but others enjoy a change and choose something new and exciting. You may also want to pick a new look if you've changed décor or furnishings since installing your hardwood.

You should know that textured finishes help hide signs of wear, like light scuffs and scratches. Choosing a hand-scraped or distressed finish, or one like them, is a perfect way to gain this benefit. Ask us more about it with your wood floor refinishing service.

Choose us for your hardwood floor refinishing needs

Manchester Carpet offers an extensive materials inventory, but we also provide services to keep your flooring in great shape. Whether you need high-end or budget-conscious products, we'll work with you throughout the buying experience. We're proud to offer high-quality products and services to all our customers, and we invite you to visit us and become a part of our community.

When you visit our showroom in Houston, TX, you'll find design experts ready to work alongside you on any remodeling project. In addition, we offer hardwood floor refinishing assessments and estimates, so you never have to wonder what to expect with our flooring services. If you live in or around Houston, TX, we’re here to help refinish your floors and give them a brand new life, so stop by today to get started.